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Fiberglass Pools are the cost effective, environmentally friendly pool choice. They are great for your family and the environment. Dolphin Fiberglass Pools high tensile strength allows the pool to flex without cracking making it ideal for regions with extreme temperature changes.

Dolphin’s gel coat finish makes it the easiest pool to maintain as the surface is chemically inert and does not alter the pool’s water chemistry, which means you do not need to use as many chemicals to keep your water balanced. The smooth seamless gel coat surface not only feels great but also does not allow for algae to bond to the pool. You can just sweep it away, making a fiberglass pool the best choice for busy families. Instead of maintaining your pool, you will be enjoying it! Using less chemicals to maintain your water chemistry and never needing to replace a liner makes a fiberglass pool the environmentally smart choice.

Darryl Pynn Oasis II 2015
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In Ground Pools Customer Reviews

amazing experience from purchase to hot tubbing, (including delivery and install) The tub brand they sell is Canadian made (many other brands are not insulated properly). We shopped around for best value and we nailed it having bought from this company who really has worked out all the details.
First time there and impressed with in store service. Good product selection. I will give them all my business and their close to boot.
The team has been amazing to work with! It is my first hot tub and they were extremely patient to explain everything to me. Super courteous during the installation and have enjoyed the experience! Thanks for making it so easy for me!
We recently had Bliss pools do a full restoration of our unground pool and they did a great job! Kadel and his team were very professional and transparent through the entire process and helped us stay within our budget. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pool construction or restoration