9 Incredible Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

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A hot tub is like an escape to another place but right at home. Besides the delight of relaxing in your own tub or perhaps joined by family and friends, there are proven health benefits to spending time in your hot tub.

A hot tub can help you connect with the natural world around you. Creating a daily routine with your hot tub will result in an overall improvement to your general well-being. Regular sessions in your spa might help you sleep better, recover from a tough workout or reduce stress. Below you can find a list of some of the top benefits you may experience from regular hot tub usage.

Health benefits of a hot tub include:

1. Hot Tubs Can Improve Range of Motion

Incredible Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Over time, as we spend more time sitting throughout the day, our range of motion tends to decrease. Even with regular exercise, you may experience tightness or reduced flexibility. Factors such as genetics, activity level, injuries, and pre-existing medical conditions may impact the severity of these symptoms. The good news is that a hot tub can help! The increased temperatures paired with the pressure from the jets helps to reduce joint inflammation. Additionally, as you float, your body is able to relax giving your tense muscles room to move and stretch.

If you feel comfortable – you can practice some stretching of your legs, arms, feet and hands. Move around, extend your arms and legs, circle your ankles and wrists. Move your neck from side to side, forward and backward. Any flexibility exercises are also great to try, of course based on space and comfort level. With time and consistency, you should notice steady improvements to your range of motion.

2. Hot Tubs Can Help You Sleep


Sleep issues plague many individuals due to various reasons, whether temporarily or long term. Lack of sleep can decrease productivity levels and increase stress, anxiety or depression. If sleep issues are ongoing, it can become defeating and exhausting. Luckily, having a hot tub can help improve your body’s ability to rest. It’s as simple as taking a soak in the evening before you were planning to go to sleep.

Submerging your body in a hot tub is a treat to your muscles and your entire nervous system. Hot water promotes relaxation which in turn will help you sleep. The increased temperature of the water will raise your internal body temperature and help your muscles and body to relax, resulting in feelings of rest and relaxation. Whether spending a little time winding down with a loved one or on your own, let the comforts of your hot tub melt away your worries and set you up for a good night’s rest.

3. Hot Tubs Can Help Alleviate Aches And Pains


Whether your job requires physically demanding labour or your hunched over a computer all day, aches and pains occur for everyone. Perhaps you are a professional athlete or just an avid gym enthusiast, you may be suffering from sore and aching muscles.

Hot tubs can help alleviate those aches and pains. Enjoying the jet massage of a luxurious hot tub targeting your muscles as you soak in the heat allows you to release tension and knead the toxins from your muscle fibers. Let your body melt into the tub taking the pressure off of your back, feet, legs and arms. A simple post workout soak or after a long hard day is the perfect relaxing recovery session you need to be back on your feet and feeling great.

4. Hot Tubs Can Improved Symptoms From Pre Existing Chronic Pain Conditions

Hot Tubs Can Improved Symptoms From Pre Existing Chronic Pain Conditions 1

The relaxing effects of hot water can help alleviate the consistent pain that may be associated with athletic injuries like muscle pulls or strains, or more chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. The effects of a hot tub on general pain management will be dependent on the quality of hot tub and the type of pain being felt as well as the location of the pain. More consistent usage on easily targetable parts of the body will have the most success.


Arthritis is characterized by joint pain and swelling, a decreased range of motion, stiffness and soreness throughout the body. As a result, many individuals who suffer from arthritis experience a decreased quality of life and chronic pain. For arthritis sufferers, a hot tub is a great aid to assist in pain management. A hot tub may be a pleasant method of temporarily reducing pain and improving your overall quality of life. With consistent usage results can become more long lived.


For fibromyalgia sufferers, who often deal with chronic pain throughout the body, poor sleep and difficulty focusing – a hot tub can offer a method of in home therapy.  Improvements in overall physical function, sleep quality,  reduction in pain intensity, fatigue and stiffness have all been cited.

Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most commonly cited types of pain we hear about, it may even be something you’ve experienced at some point. Whether this happens regularly or on occasion, the discomfort can’t be ignored and in some cases, quality of life can be greatly impacted.

Hydrotherapy can greatly improve lower back pain. Using the warm water and proper jet positioning of a well designed hot tub, sufferers can experience almost instant relief directly in the area of their back that’s most affected. Though the initial effects may be temporary, consistent usage can have long term benefits to pain management as well as to the overall quality of life for users

5. Hot Tubs May Help Aid in Weight Loss


In combination with a healthy diet and exercise routine, regular hot tub sessions can help your body relax – a key factor in healthy digestion and weight loss. For optimal results, stay hydrated and keep your body fully nourished. When engaging in a healthy diet and exercise regimen, sweat sessions can aid in releasing toxins quickly and helping you achieve the results you are looking for faster.

6. Hot Tubs Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Sitting in warm water and feeling the benefits can greatly reduce your stress. Reducing stress can have positive improvements on your mental and physical health and can promote a feeling of general well being.

Anxiety is a tough problem to tackle for a lot of people. Thanks to the relaxation, stress relief, and the heat, spa baths can help you feel less anxiety.

How much of your day do you spend feeling stressed out? The hectic routines of everyday modern life can be a big source of anxiety: waking to an alarm, dealing with commuter traffic or overcrowded trains, fielding calls and emails at work, paying bills, taking care of the kids, putting dinner on the table, repairing your home, repairing your car, repairing your relationships… Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to let it all go?

When you’re in your hot tub, nothing matters except how good you feel. Because it’s more energy efficient to keep your spa at a constant warm temperature instead of heating it up each time you use it, it’s always ready for you. Before you leave for work in the morning, soaking in your spa for fifteen or twenty minutes can help you begin your day feeling rested and focused. At night, it can help you unwind and leave the stresses of the long day behind you. Randomized and controlled studies have shown that the use of hydrotherapy can lead to an improved psychological and emotional state. The combination of warm water and soothing massage jets help work the tension out of your muscles. Your water-induced buoyancy also helps relieve muscle strain, allowing your body to relax as you float. Taking a little time each day to ground yourself in a soothing, comfortable place away from life’s many distractions allows you to focus and helps relieve symptoms of your anxiety.

7. Hot Tubs Can Help Clean Your Body

Hot Tubs Can Help Clean Your Body 1

Another benefit to the heat of a hot tub is the effects it has on your skin. The heat and steam allows your pores to open up, allowing the water to work its way in and clear out any toxins or dirt. This also further emphasizes the importance of keeping your hot tub clean and fresh. After a hot tub session, you should emerge feeling more relaxed, with your skin feeling softer and clearer.

8. Hot Tubs Can Help Reduce Headaches

Hot Tubs Can Help Reduce Headaches

Similar to the tension throughout the rest of your body, a hot tub can help you release the tension that may be contributing to your headache. A combination of the warm water and the relaxing feeling of the jets on your spine and neck can help reduce the occurrence of headaches as well as any that may be in progress. Relaxation is the name of the game when it comes to an ideal hot tub experience – and can also be the perfect remedy to clear you of your headaches.

9. Hot Tubs Can Improve Your Self Esteem


Taking care of your general health and well being will shine through both on the inside and outside. By using your hot tub and taking advantage of all the natural health benefits hydrotherapy provides, you will begin to feel better, exuding a sense of confidence and increased self esteem. Your hot tub is your own personal stress reducing, sleep improving, flexibility increasing dream machine and the benefits will come through in all areas of your life.


While a hot tub may not be a cure all for life, it can definitely help to improve the overall quality of your day to day. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting a hot tub, the return benefits speak for themselves. Together we can find the perfect tub to meet you and your family’s needs. Contact us today!


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