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Do you want to create a private oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation for your home? If so, you must think about installing a swimming pool in your backyard. With a swimming pool, you can walk into your backyard to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and connect with your family and friends.swimming pool design When you are looking to install a swimming pool, you will discover that there are different materials for pool construction. And you will most certainly come across fiberglass pools Keswick. Compared to other materials, fiberglass pools are popular due to their durability, easy maintenance, stain resistance, and customization.

So, if you are getting a fibreglass pool, don’t just settle for a classic rectangular design. With customization options, you can choose from the following fibreglass design ideas:

Darker pool colours

If you want to add an element of mystique and luxury to your brand-new fibreglass pools, make sure to choose darker pool colours. It will also help you retain heat and keep your pool water warmer longer. Darker colours provide a deeper and richer appearance to the pools. 

Modern minimalism

If you are into the continuing trend of modern minimalism, fibreglass pools fit right into it. With customized geometric shapes, clean lines, and simplified features, you can have a stunning fibreglass pool. You can also add spa-like features to the pool to enhance the overall experience. 

Natural and Zen 

If you want to provide a tranquil atmosphere to your backyard fibreglass swimming pool, make sure to choose natural and Zen elements. Organic and natural shapes that mimic nature give an atmosphere of peace and calm. You can choose earthy textures and tones. You can match this with your exterior décor, too. 

Smart technology

Don’t forget to check out the smart technology features for a fibreglass pool. For example, you can add colour-changing LEDs to the pool. This can be an attractive feature for your children and invite them to the pool. You can also add automated water features, heating features, and more. With smart technology, you can enjoy your fibreglass pools efficiently.

Options for small backyard

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If you have a small backyard, you can still have a fibreglass pool, specifically a fibreglass plunge pool. This type of pool can be great for exercising, unwinding, and relaxing after a hectic day. You can add swim jets to make exercising more efficient. 

If you want to get customized fibreglass pools, make sure to call us at Bliss Home Leisure. We are a professional and certified team of fibreglass pool installers. We provide seamless and hassle-free pool installation in your backyard as per requirements. 

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