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Hot summer days are here! pool temperatureImagine leisurely relaxing in your backyard swimming pool and enjoying a great summer day with your family. Or hosting a pool party for your friends with awesome music, drinks, and food in the background. How amazing that would be! But it is possible only if you have a swimming pool in your backyard. If you don’t have one, maybe it is time to think about getting one.

Here is a swimming pool design Bradford list for you to choose from to ensure you get the best experience. 

Inground Backyard Swimming Pool

If you don’t want to change your backyard too much but still want a swimming pool in your backyard, you can go with the classic inground backyard swimming pool. This classic pool comes with basic features but has the power to transform your backyard scene. Make sure you hire professional contractors to install this swimming pool design in Bradford. 

Inground Pool with Accessories

This type of swimming pool design is best for those who already have a swimming pool installed in their backyard. All you need to do is add some pool accessories, such as diving boards, slides, and lounge areas. As leading swimming pool installers, we have seen that pergolas and cabanas are some of the popular pool accessories in Ontario. If you have kids, you can also install pool slides. Adding accessories can provide your classic inground pool with relaxing and luxurious aesthetics. 

Custom Swimming Pools

Don’t have a big backyard? Don’t worry! You don’t necessarily need to have a big backyard to get swimming pools. With customization options, you choose a customized pool design that fits your backyard size without compromising on the aesthetics. When you work with professional and experienced custom pool designers, you can get a backyard swimming pool in Bradford that not only fits your backyard but also follows the local regulations. 

Swimming Pool with Custom Pool Fountain

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Have you seen luxurious swimming pools that have pool fountains too? If you want the same feel in your backyard swimming pool design in Bradford, you can install a custom pool fountain. A pool fountain brings the much-needed pizzazz to the ordinary swimming pool. 

If you want to get a swimming pool in your backyard, you have to choose the right design along with the right contractors to build it. We at Bliss Home Leisure are proud to bring you the finest swimming pool design and construction services in the region. Construction of residential and commercial swimming pools in Bradford is our specialty. We are extremely professional and certified to provide swimming pool design and construction services. Call us now to find out more.


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